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Ceylon Tea

Royal Oceanic Tea

Royal Oceanic brand exclusively present premium quality Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Pink Tea, White Tea produces in Sri Lanka [Ceylon]. These finest teas you can purchase with loose tea packs and different quality retail tea packs. Further, our brand registered in China as the very first premium edition Ceylon Tea producer.

The Royal Oceanic Tea brand represents the premium quality Ceylon Teas manufactured at exuberant production facilities in Sri Lanka. Therefore, our Tea comes to you with the essence of exquisite quality which indulged with richness and fragrance embedded with the nature of Ceylon.

Royal Oceanic premium edition Tea made with a selection of impeccably varied teas from the four tea growing regions of Ceylon where no chemical or any other ingredients involved.

Your fist sensory exploration of Royal Oceanic Premium Edition Ceylon Tea will be about the in depth value and intensity of Tea leaf infusion that signified the production process in pure nature with accordance of traditional British Tea Standard renowned for several centuries.

Each time when you consume the Royal Oceanic Tea, your Tea cup resonate the quality and integrity of our creation. And, when your Tea cup creates the different brilliant golden color, it will reinforce the sensation you experienced visually. And this pure Tea taste will enlighten you the meaning of our custom made luxurious Ceylon Tea.

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